Toll Remanufacturing

Gage Products Company is capable of providing toll remanufacturing services for a wide variety of chemicals and organic solvents. From drum quantities to railcar quantities, Gage has separations processes in place to meet your chemical separations needs.

Depending on your specific volumes and chemical compositions, we are capable of removing solids, water, and chemical contaminants from a wide range of chemistries.

We employ dedicated piping from railspurs, nitrogen blanketed storage tanks, filtered process piping, vacuum systems, evaporators, and distillation columns in order to process your spent chemical products back into usable product. This approach to chemical remanufacturing makes us the leader in chemical recycling services, and helps protect our environment by minimizing petroleum-derived raw material requirements by remanufacturing spent chemicals so that they can be used again and again before disposal is required.

We are a licensed waste facility in the state of Michigan, and have several decades of experience in responsible handling of spent chemicals behind us.

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