Solvent Borne Purge Solvents

Application Benefits

Gage Products Company's process efficiency is due in part to continuous research and development. The resulting benefits are a significant reduction in overall purge solvent usage as well as reduced paint usage per vehicle. In turn, material and waste disposal costs are significantly lowered.

By utilizing the Gage purge solvent program our customers can dramatically improve their percentage of purge solvent recovery, vastly improve environmental compliance and significantly reduce the need to replenish raw materials.

Gage Products Company Purge Solvent Program

Product Summary

Gage Products Company Purge SolventsGage purge solvents offer paint facilities across multiple industries -- high-performance formulations that are designed to improve the quality of paint applications. The results are the cleanest, most efficient and fastest color change possible along with a reduction in process variability and system costs.

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