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  1. Custom Test Fuels Eliminate the Guesswork

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    In automotive equipment testing, as in any other area of experimentation, results on one variable are not useful unless all other variables are eliminated. One major source of confusion is typically the fuel used. Unless the test fuel is specifically formulated to a certain set of standards intended to produce a particular performance or result, it’s difficult to calibrate the equipment in question correctly.

    There are many parameters that define a fuel’s performance. Gage Products’ expertise with benchmarking and varying these qualities extends to over 1000 custom blends, and we will work to whatever specific requirements a customer might have. These are just a few of the factors that we take into account when formulating a custom fuel

    • Cetane and Octane.  A measure of combustion quality: Cetane for diesel; RON and MON for gasoline.
    • Distillation and DI.  Distillation is a measure of fuel volatility and is used to calculate the Drivability Index (DI). DI measures factors like a fuel’s performance at different temperatures.
    • Hydrocarbon Types.  Chemical variants including aromatics, olefins, or saturates.
    • Oxygenates.  More chemistry adjustments, such as Alcohols and Ethers like ethanol, isobutanol, methanol, and MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether).
    • Sulfur.  Found in crude oil, concentration is regulated in gasoline and diesel.
    • Vapor Pressure.  Another measure of fuel volatility.

    We’re also able to alter physical properties like pHe, corrosivity and conductivity. Our customer-focused approach means that we will work to create the exact blend that you require. Visit our custom fuels page for more information.