Custom Fuel Blends

Gage Products Company Fuel Properties

Gage Products Company Gasoline Blends

Gage Products Company develops blends over a wide range of fuel properties. These parameters include:

  • Cetane
  • Customer Specified Additives
  • Distillation
  • Hydrocarbon Type
  • Octane
  • Oxygenates
  • pHe
  • Sulfur
  • Vapor Liquid Ratio
  • Vapor Pressure

As new gasoline blends evolve, Gage will continue to develop and deliver these customized fuels to our customers.

Research and Development

Gage's laboratory capabilities allow on-site ASTM testing along with other methods as required by customer specifications. Our commitment to high quality products and processes has been the driving factor in building such extensive analytical capabilities. Our commitment to quality also ensures our customers have a reliable source for customized test fuels - a resource with on-site refining and R&D capabilities that guarantee consistency, speed and value.

This benefits our customers by helping eliminate fuels or fluids as potential unknown quantities in test results.

Other organizations may offer a piece of our program, but Gage offers the complete package: R&D, a specifications library, custom fluids development and on-site refining capabilities.

For inquiries regarding our fuels platform, please email the team directly at or contact Tony Jang:  +1_248_943_1184.  Or click the button below for additional options.

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