Gage Products Company is a leading global recycler of solvents and chemicals utilizing environmentally friendly recycling processes. We have decades of experience in handling distillation and recycling programs for a variety of leading companies. Our programs are innovative, custom solutions tailored to each customer’s particular needs, delivering unprecedented results around the world.

Our closed-loop recycling technology transforms used solvents back to their original specifications.

By managing the waste streams for major OEM’s, Gage eliminates potential pollutants, reduces our customer’s environmental footprint, and delivers sizeable cost savings to manufacturers.

Gage has long maintained an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship using our solvent distillation and chemical recycling solutions:

  • Closed Loop Remanufacturing Programs

    Gage is the world's leading provider of closed-loop processes for solvent recycling for automotive paint and other applications. We reduce cost while improving quality and efficiency.

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  • Verified Recycling

    Gage Products is a pioneer in the development of automotive recycling processes and is also one of the nation’s first Verified Recyclers of hazardous secondary material (HSM) from paint-system waste material.

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  • Toll Remanufacturing

    Gage Products Company is capable of providing toll remanufacturing services for a wide variety of chemicals and organic solvents.

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  • Innovative Technology

    Our fractional distillation equipment, along with thin film units and the ability to refine high boiling liquid streams, gives Gage the capacity to manage many different remanufacturing requirements.

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For inquiries regarding our recycling capabilities, please email the team directly at