Gage’s HydroPurge® products are water-based concentrates for use with water-based coatings. They are capable of 90% dilution with deionized water which can vastly reduce customer costs and VOC’s. Gage’s HydroPurge® solvents are patented blends that are effective, efficient, and reduce defects with your color change cycle.

  • Environmental compliant
  • Low and ultra-low VOC blends
  • Can be packaged in diluted or concentrate
  • Can be used at ambient or heated temperatures
  • HAP & SARA efficient
  • Standardized blends reduce variability
  • 100% inspection of all incoming and outgoing products
  • Capabilities range from drums to totes and tanker trucks
  • A Certificate of Analysis provided with each product ordered
  • Our in-house ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory provides complete quality control analysis
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification

Gage Products has formulations that exceed your performance standards, meets your environmental compliance, and lower costs with a blend that fits your application and provides long term sustainability.

Here is a small sample of our waterborne HydroPurge® blends available:

Item #DescriptionTechnical Data Sheet
36150 HydroPurge®Solvent based, water-reducible purge36150 GagePurge® TDS
36464 HydroPurge® Surfactant based, water-reducible purge36464 GagePurge® TDS
36466 HydroPurge® Surfactant based, water-reducible purge36466 GagePurge® TDS
36470 HydroPurge®Surfactant based, water-reducible purge36470 GagePurge® TDS
36600 HydroPurge® Surfactant based, water-reducible purge36600 GagePurge® TDS

For inquiries regarding our waterborne HydroPurge® products, please email the team directly at