Gage Products Company will continue as a profitable organization recognized for leadership and excellence. We will grow in the marketplace through principle-centered customer partnership, driven by an empowered team performing in a continual learning environment. We will remain guided by safety and environmental responsibility and driven toward asset enhancement.


Gage Products Company’s mission is to be the world’s preferred supplier of chemical related products and processes by:

  • Delivering superior value to all stakeholders
  • Developing and utilizing the knowledge, skills and creativity of our people
  • Demonstrating safe and responsible behavior toward ourselves, our community and our environment

Quality Policy

Gage Products Company realizes its Vision and Mission through our Gage Production System (GPS). We utilize our GPS to apply standardized tools and documented processes to achieve corporate objectives and improve customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Gage Products Company conducts its operations to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements to which we subscribe. Through our GPS we are committed to environmental protection, pollution prevention, and the continual improvement of our environmental management system in order to enhance environmental performance.

Safety is a Top Priority at Gage Products Company

Worldwide, Gage Products operates with the philosophy of “safety first”, embedding this into our corporate culture, as a global strategy in the areas of health & safety and protection of the environment. Striving for zero accidents and incidents worldwide, we aim to set industry standards for safety measures. Gage Products Company employees are encouraged to be leaders in their respective roles, take accountability for their work and decisions, and to lead by example. Consistent with our values and core competencies, safety is of paramount importance and everything we do at Gage Products is derived from safety being our top priority.

Our Approach to Safety

The Gage Products Company approach is a commitment to the principles of our Responsible Gage Production System (GPS). This is realized in a variety of ways in the company’s regions and is practiced by every one of our employees. Gage Products is bound by the highest standards in the industry, adopting best practices and policies which in many countries far exceed statutory requirements. The success of our company is tied to our people. We believe that every workplace incident, injury and illness is preventable. Preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses is an integral part of our worldwide business strategy.