Gage Products Company is the industry leader in paint circulation system cleaning technology. Gage Solutions include the development of turnkey paint system cleaning programs, sealer line cleaning services, and heat exchanger cleaning solutions. With over half a century of experience, we are able to offer tailored solutions for virtually any situation. Gage’s Solutions focus on reducing cost and minimizing waste while ensuring a successful cleaning, product efficiency, and safety of both worker and environment.

  • Paint Line System & Equipment Cleaning

    Gage offers a patented line of cleaning solutions combined with a system cleanliness guarantee. Gage Solutions include paint shop launch and passivation cleaning, annual preventative maintenance paint circulation system cleaning for both solventborne or waterborne paint technologies, sealer and LASD system cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, or other paint shop commissioning and decommissioning services to deliver a comprehensive program for all your system cleaning requirements.

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  • Specialty Products

    Gage manufactures a variety of specialty products focusing on various aspects of production processes. These include coating removers to remove airborne build up, protective coatings to prevent adhesion of overspray, and high performance maintenance cleaners and coatings for protection against contamination. See why our Specialty Product Solutions beat the competition.

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  • Sealer System Cleaning

    Gage has mastered the process of sealer system cleaning, restoring sealer delivery systems to original operating specifications by lowering required pump pressures and reduced defects associated with sealer systems such as clogged applicator tips.

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  • Additional On-site Services

    Implementation of Gage cleaning programs results in a decrease of dirt in paint, while ensuring the establishment of correct operating parameters. One of the many benefits of our full-service programs is lowering maintenance costs by driving waste from the system. Here’s a look at how Gage can lower your costs and improve efficiency.

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