Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing environmental impact have become priorities for companies, organizations, governments and individuals around the world. Gage is no exception. We are thoroughly committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable business practices – practices that meet today’s needs and support the needs of future generations. We are prioritizing our efforts in:

  • Promoting sustainable product alternatives
  • Reducing the environmental impact associated with the distribution of our product
  • Researching and developing alternative sustainable chemical solutions
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations, focusing on:
    • Energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction
    • Water use and waste water treatment
    • Solid waste reduction and recycling
  • The first company to be a Hazardous Secondary Material Recycler in the State of Michigan which offers the ability to manage spent solvent streams in a closed looped remanufacturing system as a material for secondary use rather than a hazardous waste

While we’ve been addressing these areas for decades, we plan to establish more formal goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) in each of these using a 2010 as a baseline.

Making Environmental Management a Priority

As a chemical company, we recognize the connection between the long-term vitality of our business and the need to advance environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to the environment, while present throughout our history, intensified in the 1980s, when we:

  • Hired our first dedicated environmental professional responsible for EH&S
  • Installed the necessary capital equipment to enable the Gage Closed Loop Program to be offered, for the first time, with our solvent supply for automotive paint systems
  • Adopted our first environmental policy, which endowed the early vision for our ongoing environmental management efforts; we have updated this policy frequently over the past decades to comply with the regulations of a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

By having sustainability ingrained in our process and product mix, environmental management, and corporate culture, we are committed to meet or exceed regulatory standards. Those efforts have allowed Gage to become a more profitable and technologically advanced company. We are fully committed to advancing and strengthening our environmental programs and policies.