Gage Products has been in the solvents business for over 80 years and is an expert in purge solvent solutions.  In conjunction with our closed-loop recycling program, Gage Products produces both solventborne and waterborne purge solvents that are VOC, HAPS, and SARA efficient.

Designed to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, all Gage blends have elevated and active solvent content. This leads to reduced solvent usage during color changes. OEM’s see dramatic reductions in paint-system operating costs resulting from our purge solvent solutions.

We apply our proprietary technology to our products to help our customers reduce their environmental impact. Our innovative products and processes also deliver numerous environmental benefits over a wide range of applications as well for our customers by:

  • Creating less waste through raw material source reduction
  • Delivering waste reduction efficiencies

Even as you’re reading this, we’re investing in energy-efficiency projects to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our manufacturing facilities. Our ultimate goal is to shrink the environmental impact of our products until that impact is zero.

In addition to more efficient solvents, we are able to reduce customer costs dramatically overusing the virgin product every time.

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