Gage Products Company is the world’s leading provider of closed-loop recycling and toll blending processes for automotive and general industrial paint solvents. Our solutions are known for providing customers with unique and innovative custom technology. We’re also a prominent supplier of high performance solvent blends, test fuels, calibration fluids, paint line cleaning programs and specialty product solutions for various applications.

Purge Solvent Blends

Gage manufactures HAP & SARA compliant, high performance purge solvent blends for solvent and water borne applications.

Chemical Recycling and Toll Remanufacturing

All of our products are developed with recycling in mind. To date Gage has recycled over 75 million gallons of spent solvents. Our unique closed-loop recycling resource management returns spent solvents back to original specification.

Test & Reference Fuels, Calibration Fluids, and Toll Manufacturing

Gage is also a leading supplier of custom blended formulations of test fuels and calibration fluids to a wide range of specifications. This includes toll manufacturing for a number of leading industry providers.

Solutions and Specialty Products

Gage provides turnkey paint system cleaning programs. These programs incorporate paint line restoration, sealer system and heat exchanger cleaning. We are also capable of providing paint related specialty and high performance paint booth maintenance products and services including:

  • High performance, environmentally compliant solvent and water borne purge solvents
  • Solvent reclamation and recycling programs
  • Toll remanufacturing for spent solvent streams
  • Toll blending and manufacturing services
  • Custom fuel blend development and manufacturing
  • Solutions for paint line cleaning programs and paint booth cleaners
  • Cost per unit programs incorporating in-plant service and monitoring
  • Complete in house research and development

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