Gage Products also offers a variety of paint reducing solvents. GageThin® paint reducing solvents are designed for use during vehicle preparation and decontamination prior to paint application. GageThin® reducing solvents have been statistically proven to reduce defects in paint finish appearance.

Here is a small sample of the GageThin® reducing solvents Gage offers:

Item #Description
1003010030 GageThin® Primary Amyl Acetate
1009010090 GageThin® Amyl Propionate
1020110201 GageThin® NBA
1020210202 GageThin® EB Acetate
1020510205 GageThin® EEP
1021010210 GageThin® IPA 99%
1023110231 GageThin® EB
1324213242 GageThin® A100
1502415024 GageThin® Remanufactured MIBK

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