Gage Products Company is a global leader in custom fuel blending services for product development and emission-control testing. We are a reliable, expedient source of custom fuel blends and reference test fuels for automotive OEM’s, engine manufacturers, and their suppliers.

Gage provides a knowledge resource for testing requirements and fluid specifications based on years of experience developing fuels. This resource has significant value for customers in both independent labs and OEM engineering departments.

Gage Fuels offer:

  • World class safety, quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction
  • Better than industry standard lead time and cost structure
  • Development of fuels for specific applications
  • Fuels from different geographies that meet test specifications
  • Custom fuel blends from 1 to 30,000 gallon batches
  • A Certificate of Analysis with each fuel blend
  • Portfolio of thousands of fuel blends
  • Extensive in-house testing methods
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Reference Fuels

    Gage maintains a formulary of reference fuel blends that includes products with specifications from ASTM, Brazil, China, CARB, EPA, Europe, OEM's, and SAE. These blends are used for component and emission testing.

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  • Custom Fuel Blends

    In addition to reference fuels, Gage manufactures customer specific fuel blends. The specifications for these fuels are designed by the customer. Gage takes the specifications and converts them into a product that meets the customer’s requirements.

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  • Industries

    Gage Products provides test, reference, and custom fuel blends to numerous industries. Find out more about the industries we serve here.

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  • Calibration Fluids

    Gage offers our customers a full spectrum of calibration fluids for evaluating the flow characteristics of fuel in engine, fuel delivery, and other automotive applications. Here's some of what we have to offer.

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  • Toll Manufacturing

    In manufacturing and blending, as far as Gage is concerned, volume is not an issue. From railcar down to one-gallon specialty solutions it's what we do. High value, small volume fuels can also be refined using small production units capable of processing specific quantities. There's so much more to our capabilities.

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  • Research & Development

    Gage has the ability to take a customer’s idea for a fuel and transform it into a product and has a knowledge base about fuels developed over many years. Gage also has a quality control lab that has the capability of performing over fifty different fuel test methods. Together, these allow Gage to reduce a complex fuel request to reality.

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For inquiries regarding our fuels platform, please email the team directly at