Gage Products Company’s custom designed fractional distillation equipment can separate mixed solvent streams into their individual components. This on-site capability allows us to process spent product streams back to original specification. We can also separate it as inputs for other products needed by our customers.

Our fractional distillation equipment, along with thin film units and the ability to refine high boiling liquid streams, gives Gage the capacity to manage remanufacturing requirements. This includes hazardous waste streams in any quantity that also contain high value, small volume organics.

Our state of the art analytical laboratory enables us to identify and quantify organic materials. Our laboratory is also equipped to perform a wide range of analyses on incoming materials during the recycling process as well as on finished products.

Gage’s other capabilities include mixed stream analysis as well as trace component identification. In addition, our laboratory-scale processing unit simulates our distillation processes. That assists us in developing the best operating parameters for performing complex distillations and delivering the product quality results our customers expect.

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