Hydra® Waterborne Paint Line Cleaning

The system cleaning process blends with innovative, customized technology in order to provide the recommended annual deep stripping of paint supply and circulation systems. Gage delivers on all your system cleaning requirements. We promise that the system will be clean, and our system cleanliness guarantee ensures satisfaction with digital photographic documentation.

Gage Products Company’s system cleanliness guarantee utilizes the following:

  • Patented line cleaning agents
  • On-site technical supervision
  • Detailed system-specific cleaning procedures
  • A detailed site safety plan completed prior to the start of the cleaning

Benefits of Hydra® waterborne paint line cleaning include:

  • Lower dirt defects
  • Restore system design parameters
  • Eliminate the paint circulation system as a possible source for contamination
  • Ability to maximize systems use and load any color paint into a system that has been Hydra® cleaned, due to being “Bare Metal Clean”
  • Improve color match
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower paint use
  • Reduce reprocess costs
  • Mothball systems so they are clean and ready for future use
Hydra before

Hydra after

Hydra® Waterborne Paint Line Cleaning

Dirt Reduction Cost Savings

Gage Products recently completed a paint line cleaning project for an OEM manufacturer in the mid-sized sedan category. Using Cobra® & Hydra®, Gage deep cleaned 46 basecoat, primer, and clearcoat systems. Defects tracked for data collection were “dirt”, “off-color dirt”, & “paint spits”. Overall defect rate before cleanings was 9.27% and dropped to 3.30% after clearcoat systems were cleaned. Between the 4 highest running basecoat colors, the customer realized a 64% overall defect improvement as a result of the Gage paint line cleaning project.

Hydra defects chart

Process and Safety Equipment Supply

Gage can supply any and all equipment required for the job, including personal protective equipment, pumps, hoses, and absorbents.

Well-trained, Reliable Manpower

Depending on customer requirements, Gage can also provide the personnel to perform all operations for a successful line cleaning. We provide an on-site safety orientation for all employees involved with line cleaning operations to ensure a safe cleaning process.

For inquiries regarding our Hydra® waterborne paint line cleaning services, please email the team directly at gagesolutions@gageproducts.com