• Custom Fuel Blending Including Biofuels and Renewable Fuels

  • Supplying Over 1000 Different Fuel Blends

  • Reference Test Fuels per ASTM, CEC, DIN, EN, ISO, OEM's, and SAE

  • Certified Calibration Fluids

Leaders in Fuel Blending for Reference Fuels

Gage Products Company is a global leader in custom fuel blending services for product development and emission-control testing. We are a reliable, expedient source of custom fuel blends and reference test fuels for automotive OEM's, engine manufacturers, and their suppliers the world over.

Our extensive experience in reference fuel development is complemented by our ongoing development work in the field. We're constantly creating new customized fuels for our customers based on their required specifications and testing targets.

  • Gage Products Company Reference FuelsReference Fuels

    Gage maintains a formulary of more than 1000 reference fuel blends for use in automotive test programs, including ASTM, SAE, and OEM's specific fuels. These blends are used for Chrysler's MS, Ford's XE, GM's GMPT and others. If a fuel blend is needed, here's where Gage customers find it.
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  • Gage Products Company Custom Fuel BlendsCustom Fuel Blends

    Demand for cleaner-burning engines requires automakers to constantly test and re-test new powertrain combinations to meet stringent governmental emissions requirements. That demand leads customers here.
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  • Gage Products Company Calibration FluidsCalibration Fluids

    Gage offers our customers a full spectrum of calibration fluids to test viscosity and flow characteristics in engine, fuel delivery, and other automotive applications. Here's some of what we have to offer.
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  • Gage Products Company Toll ManufacturingToll Manufacturing

    In manufacturing and blending, as far as Gage is concerned, volume is not an issue. From railcar down to one-gallon specialty solutions it's what we do. High value, small volume fuels can also be refined using small production units capable of processing specific quantities. There's so much more to our capabilities.
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