Reference Fuels

Gage Products Company's reference fuels represent certified blends each accompanied by its own Certificate of Analysis. The Certificate provides documentation that our fuel meets all required specifications.

Our customers have come to rely on Gage as a single source of expertise that can produce reference fuels to their precise needs. This gives OEM's the ability to perform their own tests with consistent known fuel properties.

Library of Reference Fuels

Gage is not only a production facility for test fluid development. We also serve as a knowledge base for testing requirements and fluid specifications. This resource is a critical guide for customers in both independent labs and OEM engineering departments.

With this information readily at hand, Gage can lead customers through their test requirements, and subsequently provide the reference fluids required to execute the test.

Customers can submit their requests using either the name of a particular test or fuel, or simply provide a list of specifications. We can then determine exactly what test and what fluid application is necessary to complete the job.

Inventoried Drum Fuels

Gage Item    Item Description  Tech Data Sheet
 40021       JP-8  40021 TDS
 40580  US EPA Cert Fuel 96 RON  40580 TDS
 41159  Euro VI Gasoline   41159 TDS
 41905  JP-5   41905 TDS
 42012  CARB Lev III Certification Fuel Regular   42012 TDS
 42051  EPA Tier 3 Cert Fuel Regular   42051 TDS
 42363  JP-8 + 100   42363 TDS 
 42365  Jet A Fuel       42365 TDS
 42366  Jet A - 1 Fuel  42366 TDS








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