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Click here to visit the NCMS link for a potential cost savings calculator that will help you determine whether solvent recovery or repurpose is a good option for your company.


  • Water Borne and Solvent Borne

  • Reduce Costs Dramatically

  • HAP & SARA Compliant

  • Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Waste

Experts in Purge Solvent Solutions

Gage Products Company's industry leadership is rooted in our high quality solvent and application solutions. We specialize in:

  • Uniquely designed purge solvents
  • Solvent recovery and solvent blending solutions
  • High performance blended solvent and water borne purge solutions

Designed to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, all Gage blends have elevated and active solvent content. This leads to reduced solvent usage during color changes. OEM's see dramatic reductions in paint-system operating costs resulting from our purge solvent solutions.

We apply our proprietary technology to our products to help our customers reduce their environmental impact. Our innovative products and processes also deliver numerous environmental benefits over a wide range of applications as well for our customers by:

  • Creating less waste through raw material source reduction
  • Delivering waste reduction efficiencies

Even as you read this we’re investing in energy-efficiency projects to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our manufacturing facilities.  Our ultimate goal is to shrink the environmental impact of our products until that impact is zero.

  • Gage Products Company Solvent Borne Purge SolventsSolvent Borne Purge Solvents

    Gage has a unique ability to optimize process efficiency and our constant goal is to improve product finish and appearance.
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  • Gage Products Company Water Borne Purge SolventsWater Borne Purge Solvents

    Simply put, Gage customers benefit from significant reductions in overall purge solvent usage and basecoat paint usage per vehicle. How efficient are Gage's high performance purge solvent solutions?
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  • Gage Products Company Viscosity Reducing Solvents, Wipe Solvents, High & Low Boiling SolventsViscosity Reducing Solvents and Wipe Solvents

    Gage offers the highest quality solutions for material viscosity reduction and product preparation. This is all part of Gage's unique, and beneficial full service program – along with a product line goes far beyond purge solvent blends.
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  • Gage Products Company Solvent Optimization ServicesSolvent Optimization Services

    Gage Products Company's world-class industry leadership extends much further than high quality solvent products and application solutions. We also work very closely with our clients. Gage provides in-plant technical expertise to monitor product and system performance to ensure optimal performance in all process cycles. This is the Gage Difference.
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For inquiries regarding our solvent suite, please email the team directly at solvents@gageproducts.com or contact Rick Mackey +1_586_484_5717. Or click the button below for additional options.

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