Specialty Products

Gage Products Company Coatings

Coatings Removers

Use of Gage Products Company’s specialty products results in extensive costs savings through the stripping and re-use of production aids such as hood props and door clips.

Click here for a coatings remover technical data sheet. (PDF)

Protective Coatings

Costs associated with chipping and scratching are greatly reduced through the application of Gage’s water washable coatings. They help protect glass and finished parts from scratches, scuffs, and chips during in-plant or in-transit shipping operations. 

Click here for a protective coatings technical data sheet. (PDF)

High Performance Maintenance Cleaners

Gage provides a complete line of high performance and HAPS/SARA free products for across-the-board cleaning processes in both paint and industrial operations. Our products include user-friendly water-based formulations that accommodate various customer processes. They also deliver significant reductions in organic chemical omissions when compared using traditional solvents.

Click here for a maintenance cleaner technical data sheet. (PDF)

Maintenance Coatings

Gage also offers coatings for temporary protection of paint booth equipment from paint overspray, general wear and tear, and contamination. They act as a protective shield preventing adhesion between paint overspray and typical paint booth surfaces including steel, glass and stainless steel and painted surfaces.

Click here for a maintenance coating technical data sheet. (PDF)

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