Ferndale, Mich. — Andrew Burrell is Gage Products Company’s 17th annual Gage Scholarship winner. Andrew applied for and was accepted by the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. This application process is much more difficult and extensive than the normal admissions process.

Andrew attended Lawrence Tech University’s electrical and computer engineering camp last summer and took a computer science class at Wayne State University during the school year.

Gage selects their annual recipients based on several factors: These include:

  • Aptitude and ability in a technical field.
  • Dedication to community and interest in extracurricular activities.
  • To be nominated by a math or science teacher as well as a resident from the community.
  • An essay based on what value their technical education will have to mankind.

Gage Products Company is a global leader in custom fuel-blending services for product development and emission-control testing. In addition, Gage is an expedient source of custom fuel blends and reference test fuels for automotive OEM’s, engine manufacturers and their suppliers around the world.

Gage also manufactures paint-related products and cleaners for paint shops, paint system cleaning and restoration for a wide variety of industrial uses.