Tracing Our Steps: From 1936 until Today

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Gage Products was founded in Ferndale, MI in June 1936. In the eight decades that have passed since then, the chemical industry has seen no shortage of revolutionary products and processes. We’ve proudly pioneered some of them, including closed loop chemical recycling systems and solvent recovery processes for the automotive industry. In 2018, Gage remains […]

Gage Products Celebrates Earth Day Year Round

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The largest environmental movement on the planet is Earth Day. Celebrated every April 22 since 1970, the Earth Day Network is supported by over 50,000 partners in 195 countries. The mission of the movement is to bring awareness to issues that affect public health and the communities we live in, while motivating people to change […]

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The Annual Paint & Automotive Outlook 2018

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2018 looks to be a promising year for the chemical products industry. In spite of seismic changes to the economic and political environment, scientists and researchers continue to forge new paths forward, creating innovative new products and finding ways to be active in new fields and markets. Green science and sustainability continues to be a […]

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Hydrocarbon Reporting in Gasoline

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The August/September issue of Petro Industry News features our discussion of a new method to improve the accuracy of hydrocarbon reporting in gasoline. Achieving Better Hydrocarbon Reporting The VUV PIONA+ Method uses a combination of single-column gas chromatography (GC) and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopy for a more precise detection of hydrocarbon group types and certain […]

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Gage Offers New Company Videos on YouTube

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Here at Gage Products, we’ve been the world’s preferred supplier of chemical related products and processes for over 80 years. We do this by staying focused on our customer’s needs and providing the highest quality products and solutions for a wide range of processes. We also believe in sustainability while reducing costs and increasing effective […]

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Gage Celebrates Worldwide Safety this Month

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This year’s National Safety Month (NSM) is here! The annual event, organized by the National Safety Council and supported by thousands of companies and organizations across the country, will highlight different topics each week throughout the month of June to raise awareness about the leading causes of injury and accidental death at work, home, and […]

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