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  1. Gage Celebrates National Safety Month

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    Gage hosts training for Ferndale Firefighters

    Ferndale Firefighters practice using a portable foam unit during a safety training hosted by Gage.

    At Gage, we commit ourselves to a variety of causes and initiatives. We’re eco-conscious. Supporting our community is important to us. Everything that we do as a company in the end works to benefit the communities that we serve and where we live. The environment and community are two topics that are an important part of our daily lives, but there’s one underlying aspect to everything we do at our company: keeping each other safe.

    We celebrated National Safety Month in June, which got us thinking about how we can better our safety practices at work, school, and home to create more secure surroundings. Ferndale, Michigan, is a close-knit community, and because of our commitment to one another and to the city, we uphold safety standards to the highest value.

    Gage is currently more than 1,300 days without a lost time injury. Continuing education and raising awareness are essential in preventing injuries, and we have frequent in-house training sessions with employees to review safety practices and procedures such as our plans for pollution incident prevention plan, how to respond to spills and releases, fire safety, and best storage practices.

    But it doesn’t stop there—we take our efforts into the community. Recently, we held a four-day classroom and hands-on training session, which included hazard identification and foam trailer specifics, for the Ferndale Firefighters. We discussed appropriate uses for the AR-AFFF foam that Gage utilizes, and demo foam was utilized with the trailer and portable units.

    We encourage companies, clients and community members to keep up with the most current safety procedures in every aspect of their lives. Check out the on our Facebook page from the training session held at Gage a few weeks ago, and head over to our website for more information.