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  1. 5 Things You May Have Missed From Earth Day 2014

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    To celebrate Earth Day, we discussed how manufacturers can adopt recycling and sustainability practices in their business in our previous blog. It’s always exciting to spend 24 hours focused on tweeting and talking about “green” initiatives, but with so much going on, it’s easy to miss important events or moments.

    To make sure these efforts get proper recognition, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite events from  Earth Day 2014 which you can see below.

    2014 MI Earth Day Fest

    One of the “largest and liveliest celebrations of Earth Day in the world” takes place annually in Michigan every year—and this time around, Earth Day Fest was held April 25-27 in Rochester. Attendees were able to shop for green products, learn about what it means to live green, and enjoy some amazing entertainment for kids and adults.

    Global Selfie Campaign

    On Earth Day, NASA asked for participants from around the globe to help put a twist on a very common trend by taking selfies in nature. On April 22, thousands across the globe took a picture in their local outdoor environment. By uploading their photo to one of the major social media platforms and tagging them with #GlobalSelfie, users could help create an image of Earth from the ground up that will be released in late May.

    Green Living Science’s Essay Contest

    One of the most important aspects of Earth Day is getting the next generation involved with saving the environment. Green Living Science is an organization whose mission is to “transform Detroit by teaching recycling,” and for Earth Day 2014, they held an essay writing contest asking local kids a very important question: “How do you take care of the Earth?” This year’s winner was Moises Corral, and you can read his essay here.

    Green Cities

    This is less of an event and more of a movement for the future—because over the next two years, the Earth Day Network is attempting to transform cities across the world. The goal is to help these areas become more sustainable by focusing on energy usage, green buildings, and transportation.

    GreenFest at the Detroit Zoo

    The Detroit Zoo hosted its annual GreenFest celebration the weekend of April 26-27. This festival was a great way for kids and adults to continue the Earth Day celebrations and included earth-friendly crafts, an endangered species scavenger hunt, animal enrichment activities, zookeeper talks, and exhibits.

    Earth Day and “green” initiatives are very important to us at Gage—we take building a better future seriously. But we want to know—what were some of your favorite moments from Earth Day 2014? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting at us.