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  1. Get to Know Gage’s Fuel Options

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    GageFuelAlternative, fossil, cells—there are plenty of fuel types making headlines these days. As a leader in custom fuel blending for automotive OEMs, engine manufacturers, and suppliers across the globe, we’re at the forefront of innovations in creating custom fuel bends for our customers.

    We have four main objectives for fuel development, supply and servicing: reference, custom blends, calibration fluids, and toll manufacturing. It can be difficult to keep up with our offerings, so we wanted to break down a little about each objective below:

    When OEMs approach us for more information on Reference Fuels, we offer up our knowledge base of fluid specifications and testing requirements. Typically, clients will submit a name of a product or spec a particular need, and we’ll do the rest. This allows us to create and test what application is an appropriate solution.

    Our specialized research facility is perfect to design specific Custom Fuel Blends for our customers stemming from a variety of material properties. We pride ourselves in having a full-service research and development team, with a specifications library, on-site refining capabilities, to facilitate custom fuel advancement.

    Calibration Fluids are held to rigorous standards, as the automotive industry requires the most precise measurements that include viscosity and flow characteristics, and we’re able to meet the demands.

    Our Toll Manufacturing capabilities brings together our plant assets and expertise, hand blend analysis, and full-range of research and design, and analytical services. Our corporate cadence is designed to continuously work toward economical and sustainable solutions.

    Still want more information on our custom fuel blends for automotive applications? Call us at 248-541-3824 or shoot us an email at fuels@gageproducts.com.