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  1. Gage Products Highlights our Closed Loop Remanufacturing Process in USA Today’s Green Living Guide

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    Gage - Remanufacturing process

    At Gage Products we have been providing our customers with the best chemical related products and for over 75 years we have focused on pioneering new technology and techniques to do so. We are a fully licensed Resource Conservation and Recovery Act facility that remanufactures chemical waste and “off-spec” solvent streams to original product specifications. We have been recycling solvents and chemical waste for over 25 years and were pioneers in developing a sustainable closed-loop recycling systems and toll blending capabilities. We’ve spotlighted these capabilities and their benefits in the recent USA Today’s Green Living Guide on page 49. This process helps to reduce costs and increase effective resource management. To date, we have successfully and safely recycled and remanufactured over 100 million gallons of liquid organic materials at our facility since we began our sustainable manufacturing program.

    Our closed-loop remanufacturing process involves removing the recovered purge solvent and paint mixture to the receiving tanks at our remanufacturing plant. We then use an evaporation process that separates the solvent and the paint. The paint waste is repurposed as cement-kiln fuel. The solvent moves along to the distillation process and then the distilled solvent moves to our lab for analysis to ensure solvent quality is the same as raw material quality. It then moves to the purge solvent blending stage and final quality inspection. From there it makes its way once again to the customer’s facility as a virgin quality remanufactured purge solvent blend. This process keeps materials in use that would have otherwise gone to a disposal or landfill facility and helps to reduce VOC’s and HAPS.

    Our products are all designed, formulated, and manufactured under the guidance of our own chemical researchers and engineers with the care of our natural resources and our entire planet in mind. By having sustainability ingrained in our process and product mix, environmental management, and corporate culture, we are committed to meet or exceed regulatory standards.  We employ the guiding principles of corporate social responsibility to drive continued performance improvement in our programs.

    To learn more about our fuels, solvents, and recycling process, visit our website.

  2. We’re a Suppliers Partnership for the Environment Award Recipient

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    Sharon Stahl, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Gage, accepts the Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices Award. (Image courtesy of Suppliers Partnership for the Environment.)

    Sharon Stahl, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Gage, accepts the Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices Award.

    The relationship between original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers is a delicate and important one—but when the Environmental Protection Agency gets involved, an entirely new level of collaboration is reached. The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment encompasses all three of these entities to form a space for small, mid-sized and large suppliers to come together.

    The purpose of this partnership is for these groups to share ideas and brainstorm on the best business practices for the environment. As you know, Gage considers recycling to be one of the company’s core elements, and we’ve blogged about our initiatives and ways we support going “green.” We’re happy to announce the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment has chosen to recognize us with the Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices Award for our closed-loop solvent recycling program.

    This remanufacturing program aims to cut costs and reduce the environmental impact. From the moment a project starts to anywhere in between project completion, recovery and repurposing are possible. We’ve seen plenty of positive results, and we will continue to push for sustainability in all aspects of our business as a part of our rethink_refine_resolve initiative.

    Read more about this award or head over to our website for more information on our recycling initiatives.

    (Image courtesy of Suppliers Partnership for the Environment.)