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  1. What Direction is the Auto Industry Headed In?

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    Auto companies are still a leading industry throughout the U.S. Going far beyond the big 3 (Ford, Chrysler, and GM), car makers from around the world have manufacturing plants in the states. Today’s auto industry is innovative, trendsetting, and highly competitive in the global market. The outlook for 2017 is optimistic, and it isn’t business as usual as engineers, designers, and manufacturers look to the future of transportation.

    As the world is at a crossroads regarding energy efficiency and carbon emissions, car manufacturers are driving to meet goals for clean vehicles and sustainable products. One of the industry’s greatest strengths has been developing products to meet the needs of consumers.

    Electric cars (EVs) are topping the trends lists for all auto manufacturers for 2017.  As battery technology continues to improve and the costs decrease, analysts expect the cost of EVs to drop below gasoline-fueled cars by 2025. Ford is aiming for an all-electric crossover with a range of over 300 miles to be in dealerships in 2020. Deliveries of GM’s all-electric, long-range Bolt are reaching record figures. Tesla, the gold-standard for electric cars, continues to produce quality vehicles that go beyond current regulatory standards for sustainability.

    As with EVs, auto manufacturers are speeding into developing viable autonomous technology, but the reality of actual deployment is still years away. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the technologies propelling the advancement of self-driving cars. But, there are many challenges–safety, reliability, and acceptance– that have to be overcome before consumers see self-driving cars in their garages.

    The auto industry is moving into the future with sustainability and renewable energy at the forefront of its technologies. We applaud the industry for taking steps to reduce emissions. As a company that pioneered sustainable closed-loop recycling systems for automotive paint solvents, Gage is continuously committed to environmental protection.

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