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  1. How Manufacturers Can Adopt Recycling, Sustainability Practices

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    It’s almost Earth Day.  Every April, we take time to reflect on the past year’s efforts and look how we can continue to build a “greener” future–and we hope others in the manufacturing industry do the same. To clarify, Clean Technica mentions that “green” manufacturing can be considered in two ways: creating these environmentally friendly products that will move onto create clean energy and actually reducing pollution and waste in a company’s process. At Gage, we incorporate both into our production.

    Since 1936, we’ve worked to build a reputation as the world’s preferred supplier of chemical-related products and processes, and over time, we’ve incorporated a “Sustainable” mentality.  In 1994, we received a license to operate a Limited Storage Facility in 1994—and received its ten-year license renewal from the State of Michigan in August 2003. The license is required because Gage stores paint-related hazardous waste materials from automotive and other industries for on-site recycling.

    We pride ourselves on the fact that we have safely recycled and remanufactured more than 100 million gallons of liquid organic materials at our facility since we began our sustainable manufacturing program, resulting in the reduction of millions of pounds of VOC’s and HAPS.  This is material that would have otherwise gone to disposal and or landfill.


    Because of this commitment to sustainability, we’re thrilled to reveal we recently received an “Honorable Mention” from PR News’ Corporate Sustainability Awards (CSR) in the category for “Corporation with less than 25,000 employees.”

    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing environmental impact have become priorities for organizations around the world and Gage is no exception. We are thoroughly committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable business practices that meet today’s needs and support the needs of future generations.

    By having sustainability ingrained in our corporate culture, we are fully committed to advancing our environmental programs and policies. For us, conducting business in a socially responsible manner is the only way to conduct business. We hope that you will celebrate Earth Day with us by looking to see what your company can do to become a little “greener.” For more information on how you can get involved, head over to EarthDay.org, and for more information on our efforts, check out our website.