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  1. Gage Product’s Paint Circulation System Solutions

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    Sealer Cleaning Before

    Sealer Cleaning (Before)

    Sealer Cleaning After

    Sealer Cleaning (After)

    With the icy weather most of the U.S. has experienced over the past few weeks, this reminded us of the fact that many American will likely suffer some damage to their auto bodies either from the elements themselves or roadway accidents, which will keep our friends in the car painting business quite busy over the months ahead. Auto painting in many types of manufacturing facilities and independent paint shops rely on clean Paint Circulation Systems and clean paint lines to provide quality painted surfaces. When a paint circulation system doesn’t function properly, the quality of the paint application can suffer. A clean and efficient circulation system is the key to a successful error and defect free surface area.

    Finding out the cause or source of system issues can be a painstaking process to discover and resolve.  There are many potential causes, but if the system has been maintained with regular maintenance cleanings, this will help to eliminate paint system defects.

    Using Gage Products patented Solventborne Cobra® and Waterborne Hydra® Paint Line Cleaners combined with our proven Paint Line Cleaning Program will restore a paint circulation system to design specifications.  This process involves mechanically and chemically “scrubbing” the paint and other contaminants off the surface of the piping system.

    The Gage Products Bare Metal Clean system guarantee utilizes:

    • Patented line cleaning agents
    • On-site technical supervision
    • Detailed system-specific cleaning procedures
    • A detailed site safety plan completed prior to the start of the cleaning

    This innovative cleaning solution is a customized technology for OEM recommended annual deep stripping of paint system and circulation systems, sealer systems and heat exchangers.

    Gage Products has built its reputation on high quality, value-driven products and services.  All of our products are carefully planned and researched in order to ensure product integrity and solution quality.  Our Bare Metal Clean System using Solventborne and Waterborne Paint Line Cleaning Programs are no different than our other high quality products and services.  We’d be happy to speak with you about this in more depth, give us a call.