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  1. Supporting American Made Manufacturing

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    It’s no secret that we at Gage Products are big supporters of U.S. manufacturing. Although our last blog discussed expanding our services in a global market, we believe a strong American foundation is the key to a successful future—and we do our part to support it.

    Aside from making our products in the U.S., we also help the industry through STEM education initiatives, working alongside the future generation of the manufacturing workforce. Not only we do provide a scholarship program and support a student car competition, we take opportunities to get involved with our own community in Michigan. There are plenty of great things happening in manufacturing in our area.

    One example of manufacturing’s success and growth is the Detroit-based organization known as The Empowerment Plan. The nonprofit works to give jobs to the homeless and manufacture coats that can be transformed into sleeping bags—something that not only benefits these particular people but the industry and community as a whole. Initiatives such as this are driving nothing but positivity into the workforce and sector.

    Another major event for Michigan manufacturing was the 2013 Manufacturing Talent Summit, which took place at the end of October. This summit focused “connecting industry professionals, educators and state leaders in the effort to combat Michigan’s growing talent crisis,” according to the event website. In addition, across the U.S. last month, Manufacturing Day sought to connect the next generation of manufacturing professionals to the up and coming jobs, and this month, we’re looking forward to recognizing American Made Matters Day’s effort to raise awareness. Both of these events celebrate the commitment to creating opportunities for the industry, which is invaluable.

    At Gage, we wholly support U.S. manufacturing with our products, offerings, and outside work and hope you’ll make the commitment this month to the industry by pledging to buy American made products.