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  1. Gage Products Announces 2015 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Winners

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    Each year in March engineering students from the US and Canada come together in Michigan to participate in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. Student teams work throughout the year to re-engineer existing snowmobiles to improve fuel economy, lower emissions, and reduce noise levels all without sacrificing performance.


    This year 21 universities brought together over 200 students who competed in a variety of events, which rated emissions, noise, fuel economy, endurance, acceleration, handling, static display, cold start, and other design factors. This was Gage Products’ 14th consecutive year sponsoring the event where we provide alternative fuels to the participating teams as well as award one team for Best Fuel Economy. This year we’re happy to announce that the Kettering University team earned the award for achieving 25.0 mpg on the program’s Endurance Run event.

    Other teams that participated in this year’s challenge include Clarkson University, Ecole De Technologie Superieure, North Dakota State University, Northern Illinois University, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Michigan Technological University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Iowa State, South Dakota School of Mines & Technique, SUNY – Buffalo , the University of Idaho,  University of Waterloo, University of Wisconsin – Madison and University of Wisconsin – Platteville.


    As a leader in test fuels, our division maintains a significant inventory of custom-blended gasoline fuels for use in automotive test programs such as SAE as well as ASTM fuels and OE-specific fuels. At Gage Products we believe it is important to not only work towards a sustainable future but to help train and support the next generation who will continue our work. To learn more about our fuels and our commitment to STEM education, visit our website.