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  1. Gage’s Fuels Capabilities

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    Gage Products is proud to offer a full range of fuel blends and calibration fuels for testing system components. In the past, our advanced fuels technology also has led to our developing specific fuels for individual customer requests. Gage has been a Q1 rated supplier since 1987, and is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered.  Our outstanding services earned us the 2013 Detroit Free Press Green Leaders Award for Automotive Innovation. Additionally, we proudly sponsor the EcoCAR 2 competition, recently won by The Ohio State, by providing the fuel. Some of our capabilities within the fuels segment are outlined below.

    Reference Fuels

    CaptureOur formulary contains more than 1000 reference fuel blends. Gage Products usually requires only a name of a product or a specified need from a customer in order to find the most appropriate solution. We work with EPA, CARB, and European gasolines and diesels. With a full on-site fuels testing facility, we also provide C of A with all fuels. Chrysler, Ford, and GM are just some of the brands that utilize these blends.

    Calibration Fluids

    Stay up-to-date with the industry’s fast-paced changes in demand by utilizing our dedicated laboratory facilities. OEMs, Tier 1s, and various testing laboratories utilize Gage Products for their sourcing needs. Our capabilities include simulation of viscosity and flow, determination of critical vehicle systems values, and testing on rails, fuel pumps and injectors. With 25 different calibration fluids available, we can test multiple automotive applications.

    Custom Fuel Blends

    Our research and development team has experience producing the highest-quality results for even the most specific of customer designations. We offer bulk volume to one-gallon container packaging, and delivery times faster than the industry standard. All of these advantages are available for a competitive price.

    Toll Manufacturing

    We cater to clients looking for reliable, innovative, and environmentally-friendly solutions. Some of our varied services include: contracted work for unique fuel development, high-yield custom distillation, and blending or packaging for unique specifications.

    Learn more about all of our capabilities and services here: http://www.gageproducts.com/fuels.html  or contact us directly with any inquiries here: fuels@gageproducts.com.