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  1. The Annual Paint & Automotive Outlook 2018

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    2018 looks to be a promising year for the chemical products industry. In spite of seismic changes to the economic and political environment, scientists and researchers continue to forge new paths forward, creating innovative new products and finding ways to be active in new fields and markets. Green science and sustainability continues to be a major theme of the industry; major companies continue to dedicate efforts to finding sustainable solutions and reduce their environmental impact.

    Meanwhile, the automotive industry continues to prosper in the United States. Interest in electric cars continues to trend upward as costs decrease and new innovations improve battery technology. Sales of electric cars such as the Tesla and the GM Bolt rise as driving ranges approach 300 miles and price tags continue to drop.

    The excellent presence and interest in National Manufacturing Day each October is a testament to the continued resilience of American manufacturing. More than 18.5 million Americans are employed in the industry, with each dollar spent on American manufacturing creating an additional 40 cents for the United States economy. Events connected to National Manufacturing Day were aimed at creating awareness of the breadth and depth of American industry and how it ranges from the shop floor and scientist lab to a number of residential, commercial, and military applications.

    In that vein, support for science and manufacturing education continues to increase on campuses across the country. Since the 2008 recession in particular, enrollment in STEM programs and support by government administrations at all levels has been on a steady rise. As a result, the total number workers in these fields have grown at a 3% clip through 2013 compared to 2% for the general workforce.

    Gage Products Company continues to stand at the forefront of these changes, offering efficient, sustainable solutions in these and a number of other industries. We’d like to thank all of our customers, partners, and employees for a successful and exciting 2017 and look forward to an even better 2018!

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  2. Gage Products Company Awards Karly Wilson 2015 STEM Scholarship

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    STEM Scholarship WinnerGage Products Company is proud to announce that Karly Wilson, a 2015 graduate of Ferndale High School, is this year’s recipient of our 20th annual community scholarship award.

    We established the scholarship fund in 1996 and have awarded the $1,000 scholarship each year to an outstanding and deserving Ferndale High School graduate. Originally awarded to students who were planning to pursue chemistry, we have broadened the requirements to any student who is planning to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement and community involvement and recipients can continue to receive money for up to four years as long as they stay in a related program.

    Karly had a 4.0 grade-point average her senior year and graduated Ferndale High School with a grade-point average of 3.68. Her schedule included a number of advanced and honors-level courses as well as being an Executive board member of the United Student Assembly and Class Council and was involved in the National Honor Society. In addition to her academic achievements she was a team captain of the Ferndale High School volleyball team, which won the district championship and also volunteered her time with the Salvation Army, The Red Cross, and OAA’s Charity Week. Karly also spent time working with special education students. She will attend Michigan State University in the fall and plans to pursue a career in medicine or biomedical engineering.

    Gage Products Company was founded in Ferndale in 1936 with a focus on providing our customers with the best solutions for paints, solvents, and fuels. Today, our company is built on value-driven, high quality products and services. It’s grown through careful planning, forward thinking research and development, product integrity and solid customer partnerships on a global basis. To learn more about our company and our dedication to corporate citizenship, visit our website. We also post more updates on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

  3. Gage Gives Back

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    At Gage Products it is incredibly important for our company to not only to contribute to more sustainable businesses, but to also provide for our community as well. At our global headquarters in Ferndale, MI we participate in several different events throughout the year to help our community grow and thrive.

    Gage Firefighter Training

    We recently hosted local fire departments at our facility as they conducted training exercise. We partnered with Oakway – South in early May to host 50 participants as they conducted a mock incident designed to improve preparedness in our community. Oakway Hazardous Materials Response Team – South is a mutual aid organization comprised of equipment and members from Ferndale, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Southfield, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Township, Pontiac, and Waterford Fire Departments. Sargent Robert Farrar (Ferndale Fire Dept. and foam trailer trainer) coordinated the training with Scott Gardner, Royal Oak Fire Dept. (Vice Chairman, Oakland County Hazardous Materials Response Team – South). The exercise allowed the firefighters to plan and execute response for a gasoline tanker truck spill and subsequent fire and included classroom and hands-on training to address the repair of tanker dome hatches and extinguishing foam application.

    Gage Products provided the foam trailers used in the exercise and we have voluntarily invested in the fire extinguishing foam  trailers in 2009, and has provided cooperative training with the Ferndale Fire Department and Oakway – South ever since.

    Each year we also sponsor the Rainbow Run, a 5K run in downtown Ferndale, which helps to foster diversity and acceptance in the community. The run took place on May 30th and this year we were one of the color station sponsors where our employees volunteered to share in the fun of covering runners in the colors.

    Finally, each year we grant a scholarship to a local high school student. We recently updated the requirements to expand the pool of students who are eligible to apply. Previously, it was only applicable to students wishing to pursue a chemistry degree, but as the need for more STEM and STEAM education grows, we have update the requirements. Recipients can continue to receive money for up to four years as long as they stay in a related program.

    To learn more about Gage and our commitment to our community, visit our website. We also share more pictures and event updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  4. Gage Products Announces 2015 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Winners

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    Each year in March engineering students from the US and Canada come together in Michigan to participate in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. Student teams work throughout the year to re-engineer existing snowmobiles to improve fuel economy, lower emissions, and reduce noise levels all without sacrificing performance.


    This year 21 universities brought together over 200 students who competed in a variety of events, which rated emissions, noise, fuel economy, endurance, acceleration, handling, static display, cold start, and other design factors. This was Gage Products’ 14th consecutive year sponsoring the event where we provide alternative fuels to the participating teams as well as award one team for Best Fuel Economy. This year we’re happy to announce that the Kettering University team earned the award for achieving 25.0 mpg on the program’s Endurance Run event.

    Other teams that participated in this year’s challenge include Clarkson University, Ecole De Technologie Superieure, North Dakota State University, Northern Illinois University, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Michigan Technological University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Iowa State, South Dakota School of Mines & Technique, SUNY – Buffalo , the University of Idaho,  University of Waterloo, University of Wisconsin – Madison and University of Wisconsin – Platteville.


    As a leader in test fuels, our division maintains a significant inventory of custom-blended gasoline fuels for use in automotive test programs such as SAE as well as ASTM fuels and OE-specific fuels. At Gage Products we believe it is important to not only work towards a sustainable future but to help train and support the next generation who will continue our work. To learn more about our fuels and our commitment to STEM education, visit our website.

  5. Students Showcase Innovation at NAIAS

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    NAIAS always showcases the latest and greatest in the auto industry. This year’s event boasted over 102,000 attendees who witnessed vehicle reveals, exclusive previews, and key industry events. At Gage we love to attend to show each year to see trends and new concept cars. However, there is another very important section that can get looked over. Hall E of the event was a select area of the NAIAS which features work done by universities, nonprofits, and the Army.

    College and high school students from all across the Americas were able to attend the show to compete in creating hybrid vehicles, which they then get to race. This portion of the show is very important to our company as we place a strong focus on STEM education and sustainability. This competition allows students to get real world experience with building and racing their vehicles and get to meet and interact with racing and automotive professionals. We were able to see some innovative hybrid vehicles, including the Solar Car from the University of Michigan.


    To view more photos from the show, visit our Facebook page. We are also active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ where we post more auto industry news. You can also learn more about how we help the auto industry by visiting our website.

  6. Gage Products Company: Year in Review

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    As we welcome in the New Year we wanted to take some time to reflect on some of the events that occurred in our company in 2014 and what we hope to bring to our customers in 2015. In 2014 our company saw growth consistent with that of the automotive industry and we also expanded the reach of our website where we’re happy to share with our readers that our website is now available in seven different languages. We also participated in some educational and fun events. Around this time last year we were preparing for the National American International Auto Show (NAIAS). This auto show is extremely valuable to our company as it allows us to meet with automotive industry professionals from all around the world.


    We also sponsored the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. This event encourages STEM education by allowing engineering students to re-engineer existing snowmobiles so that they will be more fuel efficient, promote lower emissions, and reduce noise levels while maintaining high performance. As a company that is strongly focused on sustainability we love to be a part of this challenge and to help future generations discover the value of being environmentally conscious.


    Finally, we co-sponsored the Ferndale Rainbow Run last summer. This 5K run/walk is to encourage acceptance and diversity within the community. As we mentioned as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we try to play an active role within our community and build on our tenets of community service and environmental sustainability.


    Our goal for 2015 is to build on these principles and continue to demonstrate responsible behavior towards ourselves, our community, and our environment. This will be achieved through our business model, which is designed to adapt to developing and changing market conditions. Equally important is that it focuses on sustainable practices, which allows us to deliver superior value to all our stakeholders. To learn more about Gage Products, visit our website or follow us on Twitter.

  7. The Importance of Providing Assistance to Future STEM Leaders

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    This year's winner, Randell Seaton, is an intern in Gage's R&D lab.

    This year’s winner, Randell Seaton, is an intern in Gage’s R&D lab.

    Our previous blog post highlighted our involvement in the EcoCar competition, which sponsors teams of student engineers as they design an American-made automobile with less dependence on oil and more environmental benefits. And if you haven’t seen our Facebook page, you’re missing out on photos of us at color runs, community events, and awards ceremonies. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of what Gage is all about: We love to be a part of our community and support STEM education.

    A result of our activities with the chamber of commerce and community, led us to realize that we had an opportunity to do more for local students. We firmly believe that today’s students represent tomorrow’s business leaders, and we think it’s very important to support them and provide assistance, which is why we have awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a local senior high school student studying science or engineering for the past 20 years.

    In 2007, we realized that four-figure sum wasn’t enough to last through an entire undergraduate career. Consequently, we opened up the opportunity to renew the scholarship, meaning each winner can claim their scholarship annually for up to five years.

    While we’ve been thrilled to provide an opportunity to support the local education system and encourage careers in science and engineering, this opportunity has also provided a chance for students to intern with us and get hands-on experience in the field. We firmly believe the development of a sustainable talent pipeline is vital to Michigan’s (and Gage’s) long-term success. For more information on our company, initiatives, and products, visit our website.