This fall, Gage Products is celebrating 25 years of our closed-loop solvent recycling process. This process, representing a commitment to sustainability, safety, and the environment, has been adopted by several leading automotive manufacturers since Gage developed it. The underlying strategy of maximizing the remanufacturing and recycling potential of each component of a manufacturer’s paint and purge lines means that overall environmental impact is reduced on several fronts. Gage’s philosophy in developing the closed-loop recycling system views each of these components as a material to be repurposed, not as waste to be disposed of.

Under this principle, each portion of a manufacturer’s waste stream is analyzed and separated – we call it understanding the DNA of the material. Paint solids are separated from the spent purge solvent, and rather than becoming landfill waste, instead becomes cement kiln fuel, replacing coal. Water and any other contaminants are removed, and the solvent is re-blended to meet the same standards as unused, virgin solvent. Throughout all of this, spent solvent that might have been hazardous waste releasing emissions into the air and potentially the ground is instead being treated and handled at our facility.

As you can see, the benefits of the closed-loop recycling system are many – not only to the environment, but to the manufacturers who implement it as well. In the course of developing the closed-loop system, Gage can optimize the formulations and blends used, creating faster purging and quicker paint line changeovers. We’re pleased to be celebrating 25 years of commitment to sustainability on this front, and look forward to sharing more innovations down the road.

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