Gage Products was founded in Ferndale, MI in June 1936. In the eight decades that have passed since then, the chemical industry has seen no shortage of revolutionary products and processes. We’ve proudly pioneered some of them, including closed loop chemical recycling systems and solvent recovery processes for the automotive industry.

In 2018, Gage remains a leader in the chemical industry, providing its customers with superior solutions for high performance solvent blends, solvent reclamation, recycling, and toll remanufacturing, custom test fuel blends, calibration fluids, and toll manufacturing, and paint line cleaning programs and specialty product solutions. On our 82nd anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the values that have helped us excel for so long.

The Importance of Remaining Agile

Agility has become a priority for companies across the world in recent years. At Gage, it’s been a guiding principle throughout our history. With the rise of chemical recycling in the 1980s, for example, we quickly developed a closed loop chemical recycling system to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Our swift response to that demand established our reputation as an international leader in chemical recycling.

Similarly, we only began to manufacture custom test fuel blends just after the turn of the millennium. While we had a well-established family of products, we knew we needed to expand our inventory to offer our customers a full suite of services in one location.

Today, Gage offers a complete package of services to all of our customers, including R&D, a specifications library, custom fluids development and on-site refining capabilities. New gasoline blends continue to appear, change, and evolve, and Gage has quickly become a reliable source for customized test fuels.

A Focus on Sustainability

At Gage, we recognized early on that sustainability makes ethical and financial sense. We remain completely committed to it today. Our unique, customer-oriented solutions for closed loop solvent recycling processes and toll blend remanufacturing reduce manufacturing costs and support the customer’s own environmental and sustainability commitments.

By reducing, reusing, and recycling waste, we’re able to help our customers minimize their environment impact and minimize the costs of production. In the process, we each become more competitive while ensuring the health of our shared planet.

At Gage, we believe that the most successful companies of the 21st century will place an equal emphasis on sustainability and agility. Guided by a deep commitment to progress since our founding, we’ll proudly continue to honor those values as over the years to come. By adapting to the successes and challenges ahead of us, we’re confident that we’ll continue to thrive for the next 82 years and beyond.

If your company is looking for an innovative chemical supplier, look no further than Gage. Regardless of your needs, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide you with the products you need to succeed. Contact us to build your own custom blend.

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