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  1. Gage Celebrates Worldwide Safety this Month

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    This year’s National Safety Month (NSM) is here! The annual event, organized by the National Safety Council and supported by thousands of companies and organizations across the country, will highlight different topics each week throughout the month of June to raise awareness about the leading causes of injury and accidental death at work, home, and in the community.

    While we’re thrilled to support this year’s NSM safety programming, for us at Gage, we’re committed to improving safety practices and procedures year-round. In fact, the sensitive nature of our work — supplying wide range industries with chemicals, fluids, solvents, and specialty products — demands this dedication.

    We work diligently to ensure ongoing compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), which outlines several requirements to limit workers’ exposure to toxic substances and protect them from various health hazards. Additionally, our employees are trained in chemical storage best practices, fire safety, and chemical spill response.

    Not only do we prioritize safety within our own day-to-day operations at Gage Products, but we also aim to raise awareness with all of our clients, partners, and affiliates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, more than 13 people died on the job each day that year. By implementing precautionary measures and fostering a culture of safety in every facility, we can help reduce that number.

    Safety should also extend to the home, the road, and elsewhere; thousands of people die each year from unintentional injuries including poisonings, car crashes, falls, and burns. Committed to meaningful community involvement, our team works alongside the Ferndale Fire Department to identify local safety risks and protect against fires, chemical explosions, gas leaks, and other hazards.

    Gage Products is proud to employ best safety practices year-round, and we look forward to supporting NSM throughout the month of June. To keep up with how we’re celebrating, be sure to follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    To learn more about workplace safety or discuss ways to keep your facility safe, contact us today.

  2. Gage Looks Ahead to 2017

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    2016 was a historic year for the team at Gage Products, as we celebrated our company’s 80th anniversary, continuing to fulfill our goal of being the world’s preferred chemical product and process supplier. As the leading provider of closed-loop recycling and toll blending services for automotive and general industry paint solvents, we remain committed to quality and innovation in everything we do. While our team is extremely proud of this 80-year milestone, we’ve already begun to look ahead to what is sure to be a productive 2017.

    As a leader in green sustainability, we’re looking forward to one of our first big events in the new year: Detroit Zoo’s inaugural Wildlife Conservation Gala on Saturday, March 18, 2017. Keep an eye out for our next blog on this meaningful cause. Our continuous industrial initiatives will bring our crew to another year at the annual SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Clean Snowmobile Challenge, taking place in early March in Houghton, MI. Each year, this competition brings together college students from around the country to redesign snowmobiles in order to reduce emissions and noise. Committed to supporting clean manufacturing initiatives and promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, Gage has helped sponsor this unique, competitive event for over 15 years.

    Looking ahead toward Earth Day, National Manufacturing Day, and National Safety Month, our team has also already begun to plan other various initiatives to support both the environment and our community.

    We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our loyal customers and partners for making 2016 another success and can’t wait for the exciting developments that the new year has to offer. From all of us at Gage Products, thank you and have a healthy and happy 2017!

    For the latest updates from Gage make sure to continue following our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

  3. Gage Practices Safety Year Round

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    Although June has been designated as National Safety Month by the National Safety National Safety Month 2016 chemicalsCouncil, safety is always at the forefront at Gage. The goal of safety focus in June is to reduce injuries and deaths that take place at work, at home, and on the roads. One of our biggest goals: to implement systems that deliver high-quality products, safe for both workers and the environment on a daily basis.

    Because we work with chemicals, we must regularly consider the effects of our products and take proper precaution. This means refining our products and services to develop innovative and safe solutions as we work towards environmental sustainability. As a result of our efforts, we have received many excellence in industry awards.

    At home, we take pride in working with our local fire departments. As mentioned in our July 2013 post, we continue to work with the Ferndale Fire Department on identifying hazardous materials and implementing the appropriate use of the AR-AFFF fire suppression foam. Fire safety protects firefighters and all in the community—a continuous commitment that we take to heart!

    In addition to working with the community, Gage works diligently within our own facilities to keep our employees safe. Reviews of safety procedures are performed throughout the year to raise awareness of the importance of following appropriate working practices. Machine and equipment training and safety procedures are also routinely performed. Safety at Gage is serious business. In the case of an emergency, our employees are trained in fire safety and how to deal with chemical spills and releases. They are also aware of our pollution incident prevention plan and best chemical storage practices. To us, being safe at work means understanding the proper way to use equipment and how to best handle an emergency situation.

    As mentioned, Gage takes safety seriously! It is an important issue that may be featured in June but is a part of our everyday practice 24/7/365. For maximum efficiency and minimal waste, choose products you can trust. Safety starts with Gage solvents, fuels, and solutions.

  4. Gage Celebrates National Safety Month

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    Gage hosts training for Ferndale Firefighters

    Ferndale Firefighters practice using a portable foam unit during a safety training hosted by Gage.

    At Gage, we commit ourselves to a variety of causes and initiatives. We’re eco-conscious. Supporting our community is important to us. Everything that we do as a company in the end works to benefit the communities that we serve and where we live. The environment and community are two topics that are an important part of our daily lives, but there’s one underlying aspect to everything we do at our company: keeping each other safe.

    We celebrated National Safety Month in June, which got us thinking about how we can better our safety practices at work, school, and home to create more secure surroundings. Ferndale, Michigan, is a close-knit community, and because of our commitment to one another and to the city, we uphold safety standards to the highest value.

    Gage is currently more than 1,300 days without a lost time injury. Continuing education and raising awareness are essential in preventing injuries, and we have frequent in-house training sessions with employees to review safety practices and procedures such as our plans for pollution incident prevention plan, how to respond to spills and releases, fire safety, and best storage practices.

    But it doesn’t stop there—we take our efforts into the community. Recently, we held a four-day classroom and hands-on training session, which included hazard identification and foam trailer specifics, for the Ferndale Firefighters. We discussed appropriate uses for the AR-AFFF foam that Gage utilizes, and demo foam was utilized with the trailer and portable units.

    We encourage companies, clients and community members to keep up with the most current safety procedures in every aspect of their lives. Check out the on our Facebook page from the training session held at Gage a few weeks ago, and head over to our website for more information.