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  1. Gage Products Company Announces New Lab

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    Gage Products Company is excited to announce our new, state-of-the-art laboratory, which is set to open in August. This new lab will be our dedicated in-house product development facility and will allow us to improve our quality control and analytical capabilities for our customers. We built this new lab to increase our internal capabilities and streamline our current processes to enhance new product development to better service our customers. It will also help grow new opportunities by developing an innovations center and help Gage Products Company meet the needs of chemical and automotive industries for today and the future.

    We are thoroughly committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable practices that support the needs of today and for future generations. Our products are all designed, formulated, and manufactured with the care of our natural resources in mind.

    Our solutions are known for providing customers with unique and innovative custom technology. We are a prominent supplier of high performance solvent blends, test fuels, calibration fluids, paint line cleaning programs and specialty product solutions for various applications. We firmly believe, as we continue our mission to be the world’s preferred supplier of chemical related products and processes, that we can also build a better world. Our purge solvents are developed with recovery in mind and our closed loop remanufacturing process allows us to recycle solvents and chemical waste resulting in millions of gallons being remanufactured. Additionally, our chemical recycling, fractional distillation, and toll remanufacturing help us to build a more sustainable future.

    Since our business opened in Ferndale in 1936, we have dedicated ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our customers, partners and neighbors, which has helped our company grow locally and globally. Gage Products Company now spans three continents and we will continue to grow through careful planning, forward thinking, product integrity and solid customer and community partnerships.

    To learn more about Gage Products Company and our new lab, visit our website. We also post more company updates and industry news on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

  2. Solvent and Sustainability Optimization

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    At Gage Products we specialize in solvents. We have worked hard to design high performance solvent and water borne purge solutions and all of this is done with our customers in mind. To further our dedication we also offer our customers solvent optimization services. This involves working closely with our clients and providing in-plant technical expertise to monitor performance. We offer on-site support as well as perform a solvent process parameter audit. By inspecting the product and performance systems we are able to help our customers reduce costs and help build a sustainable system for reducing environmental impact.

    Solvent sustainability is incredibly important to us and as an industry leader and provider of closed-loop processes for solvent recycling for a variety of applications we are able to help our customers minimize their waste and therefore reduce costs. We have safely recycled over 100 million gallons of solvents and our process allows for the products to be re-used in the same industry. Most importantly, our solvent and sustainability optimization services allow our clients to perform better without sacrificing quality.

    To learn more about our solvent optimization services or our closed loop solvent recovery process, visit our website. We are also active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post more company updates and industry news.

  3. Gage Products at NAIAS 2013


    Over three-quarters of a million people visited last year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and with that number poised to grow, Gage Products is excited to be among this massive group of attendees later this month, from January 14th through the 22nd. We work with the automotive industry in a number of key areas, namely our custom fuel blend products (used mainly in emissions testing) and our purge solvents used in cleaning automotive paint application lines.  Our paint system line cleaning is used by auto manufacturers to maintain system specifications and restore them to a “bare metal” condition.

    Additionally, as we celebrate our 25th year of solvent recycling, we are proud to be a green partner of the many OEMs that will be present at the Auto Show. We’ll be making the rounds and visiting as many exhibits as we can; this is a great opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of the state of the industry for the upcoming year. The NAIAS 2013 is the perfect chance to get a snapshot of where auto manufacturing is, and where it’s going.

    In addition to the rollout of the next model year of cars, there are always some great concept cars to take a look at as well. Last year featured, unsurprisingly, lots of hybrid and electric cars, some new takes on minivans and SUVs, and more. Along with other fun elements like the NAIAS photo contest and numerous charity events, the Auto Show can bring in up to $375 million to the Detroit area, so we’re not the only ones looking forward to it. The impact on area businesses is wide-ranging and major. What’s been the best part of past NAIAS shows for you?