Efficiency, sustainability, recyclability: these are certainly not new buzzwords in the automotive industry, or industry in general, but they are areas in which greater focus and great strides have been seen recently. Gage Products, which recently celebrated 75 years as a successful solvent and fuel blender and distributor, has been acting in pursuit of those goals for much longer than just the past few years. What’s more, we’ve been providing the means for incredibly high levels of production efficiency for nearly 30 years.

When the environmental impact of automobiles is discussed, the conversation typically revolves around topics like fuel efficiency, hybrid engines, and electric cars. Gage has made its mark on sustainability in auto production in a different, though just as important area. By developing a closed-loop remanufacturing system for paint solvents in manufacturing plants, Gage has not only saved companies millions of dollars, but also kept millions of pounds of hazardous by-product and paint waste, out of the environment.

Re-distilling used solvents is just part of our sustainability effort. Follow our blog for more information about our fuel efficiency efforts, and more. Thank you for reading!

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