Today’s snowmobiles are already far removed from the bulky, belching vehicles of a few decades ago. As official sponsors of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Gage Products is interested to see just how far college students can push these new, clean, and quiet standards for snowmobiles. Can they top 25 mpg? What are the best options for zero emissions? Demonstrating their expertise in modifying existing internal combustion engines to meet benchmarks for speed, engine volume, fuel efficiency, cost efficiency, cleanliness, and several other criteria, the competition, held from March 5th through 10th this year at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI, is the perfect mixture of fun and brains.

One important goal of the competition is to develop feasible engines for the real world – not impractical concepts that would be too expensive to mass-produce, let alone market to consumers. To this end, engines should be able to meet real-world requirements, one of which is the ability to handle a number of different fuel compositions, which can vary in ethanol levels for gasoline-powered sleds or biodiesel content for diesel-powered ones. As part of Gage’s sponsorship, we supply all test fuels, ensuring a level playing field as well as the ability to handle a range of fuel types. With over 10 years of support for the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, this is just one more way that Gage acts as a great environmental steward.

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