At Gage Products, we have a serious commitment to recycling and sustainability.  We are global experts in the recycling and remanufacturing of solvents and chemicals using environmentally friendly recycling processes, and our distillation and recycling programs have proven innovative and invaluable to customers around the world.  Within this area, we provide exceptional work in the form of fractional distillation/evaporation and toll remanufacturing, and we are the world leader in closed loop solvent recovery and remanufacturing.  At our facilities in the UK, we have developed a reputation for being groundbreaking in these areas.  Here are some details on our involvement:

  • Since the program began in 2011, the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) credits achieved are  398,247 kilogrammes. Through April 2012, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) credits are 181,725 kilogrammes.
  • Since the program began in 2011, Paint Solids Hazardous Landfill Elimination versus Incineration has resulted in 118,940 kilogrammes saved. Through April 2012, that number is 54,613 kilogrammes.
  • The paint solids are sent to cement kilns and are typically used as a substitute for coal. The substitution is normally  1:1 with respect to BTUs, and the waste fuel typically burns cleaner than the coal, as an added benefit!

This is of particular importance to us, as the UK produces approximately 290 million tons of waste per year.  The government is working hard to move the country towards more sustainable practices, and we are helping these efforts.  Things are looking up; in 2002-2003, 42% of commercial/industrial waste was recycled, while the number jumped to 52% in 2009.  While there is still a long way to go, and more chemical and solvent recycling needs to be done each year, we are pleased to see that the UK is moving in the right direction, and especially happy to know that we are helping with that.

As we continue to help our UK and worldwide customers save money, increase their efficiency, and reduce their carbon footprint, we look toward a greener future.  You can read more about our recycling services at

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